Setting Up Your Order Management Tablet

Self Service Setup Steps:

When you initially purchase your tablet you'll need to log in and go through the setup process. This will involve logging in with your Google account. If you don't have a Google Account you will need to create one. 

Then, let's clear/remove all the icons from the home screen so that employees don't get distracted or confused. On most devices, you can do this by simply pressing down on the icon and dragging it to the trash, or pressing remove. Make sure you don't 'uninstall' desired apps, just remove them from the home screen.

Then, download these apps...

Install our 'Online Ordering Management' app from the Google Play Store.

Install Keep Screen On app from Google Play Store then open it and tick the Enable tick box/

Download AnyDesk for Android - see here for more details:

  1. Check your settings for power modes and screen displays that make the tablet go to sleep. Often the screensaver is set to come on after 30seconds of inactivity. Change this to the maximum time.
  2. Remove or disable any 'lock screen' features/settings so when the tablet starts, it will launch right into the desktop, which will launch right into the EatApp app

Once these apps are downloaded and setup, go to our Online Order Management App and log in. 

That's it - you can now receive orders on your tablet. We recommend putting a test order through to make sure everything is working correctly. 

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