Installing & Configuring the POS Connector for POS Integrations

The instructions in this article are intended for Micros and Focus integrations. 


  1. First, you'll need to download and install the POS Connector. Click here to download the latest stable version installer.
  2. Once installed, you should upgrade to the latest version by going to Program Files >> Online Ordering >> POS Integration and running the wyupdate executable.
  3. It is also important that you install our POS Watcher service, which helps keep the primary service running in the event of an error or failure. You can download it  from    this  link.


  • Select Start from your Windows task bar and go to All Programs >> Online Ordering >> Configure POS Integration and click to open. Please note: it is best to run as an administrator by right clicking on Configure POS Integration option and clicking the Run as administrator option (you will see a blue and yellow shield icon next to that option). If you encounter any errors running the program, be sure you have tried running it as an administrator. 
  • At first launch, it will prompt you for your EatApp login credentials. Once entered, hit OK.
  • If you have multiple restaurants/locations under your account, it will ask you to select the restaurant for which you are setting up the POS connector, select the appropriate restaurant. If you only have one restaurant/location, it will go directly to the next step.
  • After clicking Save Settings, use the Stop Service/Start Service button to restart the service.  You must do this, or your settings will not take effect.

There are additional configuration steps dependent on which integration you are working on. Refer to the integration manual if necessary.

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