Revel Integration Information

EatApp is integrated with the Revel POS system, so orders can automatically be sent to Revel when customers order online.


Our integration requires the Revel API.  You can enable Revel API access during the setup process.

EatApp does not control any extra fees or charges imposed by Revel for API access.  Please contact Revel to learn more about any API charges they may apply to your account.


The following section describes the available functionality within the Revel / EatApp integration.

Sending Orders

Orders that are placed online will be automatically sent to Revel with the items and modifiers.  These orders will be entered and recorded in the Revel reports, and recorded as Web Orders.

Within Revel, the count of web orders will be shown via the yellow badge on the Orders button.

The list of active web orders can then be accessed by tapping Orders, and selecting Web Orders:

The list of web orders will then appear:

Once an order is selected, the details will then appear:


The Revel integration can automatically print kitchen tickets and guest checks.  The actual printing configuration is controlled by Revel, so it is all configured within the Revel back-end administrative tools.

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