How to connect your Revel POS System

When an order is processed through  Open Dining, it can be automatically sent to your Point-of-Sale (POS) system and printed on configured ticket printers. Your POS system must be connected to the Internet to receive orders from Open Dining.

Connecting to Revel

  1. Login to your EatApp account
  2. Navigate to Settings > Receiving Your Orders
  3. Scroll down to the POS Integration section
  4. Check the Enable POS Integration box and choose Revel from the drop-down menu that appears
  5. Enter your subdomain (the subdomain you use to access Revel's web system)
  6. Click the Connect to Revel button
  7. You will be sent to Revel to provide access.  Review the notice, and click Agree & Continue
  8. You will be sent back to the EatApp settings section, ready to configure your Revel integration

Configuring the Revel Integration

  1. Under the Receiving Your Orders section, scroll down to the POS Integration section
  2. Click the List Establishments button and enter your desired establishment's number in the corresponding text box
  3. Click the List Users button and enter your desired user's number in the corresponding text box
  4. Click the List Stations button and enter your desired station's number in the corresponding text box
  5. Next choose your Takeout Order Type & Delivery Order Type from the drop-down menus
  6. Next you'll see a series of checkboxes (Print Order Type Note, Print Delivery Info Note, etc).These options denote extra information that will display on your ticket when it prints. Select all desired options, keeping in mind that they can be changed later if there is too much or too little information on your print-out.
  7. Click the green Save Order Receiving Settings button

Mapping your Menu Items

Now that your integration is set up, you need to map your POS items to your menu so your orders will come through to Revel correctly. There are two ways to do this:

  • Using the automatic Revel sync.
  • Manually creating your menu and mapping the items.

In most cases, restaurants use the automatic sync and then make manual updates to the menu to configure it to their liking.

To Pull your Menu from Revel

After you have followed the steps to connect your EatApp account to your Revel POS, a button will appear on the  Receiving Your Orders page. In the midst of your Revel account information, you will see this Fetch Menu from Revel button.

Simply click on this button and your menu will automatically import. It is usually pretty instant, but it may take up to 5 minutes for everything to show up on your Menu page.

To Manually Map your Menu Items

If you have manually input any menu items (or just want to verify that your mappings are correct), follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > POS Settings
  • It is a good idea to first click the "Auto-Map POS Items" button. The system will try to automatically match menu items to POS values.
  • You will want to double check the auto-mapped items and make sure they are correct. Occasionally the auto-map function maps items incorrectly.
  • Next you will want to go through and map any items that couldn't be auto-mapped (any item displaying "Select an item" in the drop-down menu). Simply use the drop-down menu and find the item in the drop-down menu that corresponds with the menu item (the item denoted above in bold).
  • Click the green "Save POS Values" button
  • Repeat for each category (at the top, there is a "Change Category" option with drop-down menu).

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