Installing & Configuring the POS Connector


First you'll need to download and install the POS Connector.  

Click here to download the installer.

We also recommend installing our POS Watcher service, which helps keep the primary service running in the event of an error or failure. You can download it from this link.


  • Select Start from your Windows task bar and go to All Programs >> Online Ordering >> Configure POS Integration and click to open. Please note: it is best to run as an administrator by right clicking on Configure POS Integration option and clicking the Run as administrator option(you will see a blue and yellow shield icon next to that option). If you encounter any errors running the program, be sure you have tried running it as an administrator. 
  • At first launch, it will prompt you for your Open Dining login credentials. Once entered, hit OK.
  • If you have multiple restaurants/locations under your account, it will ask you to select the restaurant for which you are setting up the POS connector, select the appropriate restaurant. If you only have one restaurant/location, it will go directly to the next step.
  • If you are configuring any printers, select the desired printer(s) using the drop-down menu(s) provided.Click the Print Test button to make sure everything is printing correctly.
  • After clicking Save Settings, use the Stop Service/Start Service button to restart the service.  You must do this, or your settings will not take effect.

Configuring the Application

Once the application is installed, you will need to navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Online Ordering\POS Integration for Online Ordering and double-click the file named wyupdate.exe. Follow the prompts to install updates to the app, then click Finish. It is important to install updates first; otherwise, the app will not operate properly.

To launch the app, right-click the "Configure POS Integration" icon on your desktop and choose "Run as administrator". (again, this app doubles as our printer app, even though the name is specific to POS configurations). It will prompt for your email address and password. After that, just select the printer you'd like to use, select a secondary (if needed), specify the number of copies you'd like to have print out (the default number is 1). and click the Save Settings button.

We recommend printing a test order to verify that your printer is working properly.

Running the app automatically

Once you've saved your settings, the app will run automatically in the background. You can safely click Exit or click the red "X" to close the window.

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